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Post Quantum Cores

Envieta has developed a suite of quantum resistant cryptographic implementations. Each algorithm is available for license as either a software implementation or as a VHDL core. Embedded hardware cores support quantum resistant algorithms for both key exchange and signatures.

A New Standard for Cryptographically Secure Performance Hardware

Envieta’s algorithmic implementations provide comparable security to RSA and ECC, but are not vulnerable to known attacks that are made possible by quantum computing.

Support for a Wide Range of Quantum Resistant Algorithms

Depending on your use case and specific needs, we’ll help identify the class of algorithms that’s best for you.


Lattice-based Cryptography


Hash-based Cryptography


Supersingular Isogeny Cryptography


Code-based Cryptography

Multivariate Cryptography

Zero-Knowledge Cryptography

Transition plans from currently ubiquitous and soon-to-be-broken cryptographic algorithms to quantum resistant algorithms must be a cornerstone of all future product security planning.

Cryptographically Secure Performance Hardware

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