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Crypto Security Assurance

Envieta helps to ensure your crypto implementations are as error free and secure as possible.

Secure Error-free Implementations

The nature of blockchains and distributed ledgers is such that any mistake will be propagated for the life of the ledger. Envieta’s team of cryptographers, architects, and developers can help ensure your implementations are secure and error free from day one.

"The blockchain does one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that something happened."

– Adam Draper

Assuring Security and Compliance

Software bugs and implementation errors can have extremely dangerous and significant consequences from compromising public keys to the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrency. Envieta can provide expertise and input, whether on post quantum cryptography or smart contracts and blockchains.


Cryptography Auditing


Codebase Review


Crypto Evaluation



Verifying Your Implementations Work as Planned

Already running a blockchain or smart contract implementation? Our experienced team can provide evaluation and assurance.

Envieta offers crypto security expertise from the very first block on the chain.

Don’t Let Potential Vulnerabilities Lead to Loss

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