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Hardware Security Modules

QFlex offers top of market speeds, capable of handling the most demanding enterprise security infrastructures needs. Higher performance means fewer cards and fewer servers, and an easier to manage backend infrastructure.

Security You Can Rely On

With QFlex you can do more for less. Higher performance, broader algorithm support, and custom algorithm support, all at a lower price.


Blazing Fast Speed at a Lower Per Transaction Cost

Envieta is proud to offer the QFlex line of HSMs that not only provide top of market performance at a fraction of the price but also quantum resistant algorithm acceleration and key storage.


Transactions per Second

ECC P-256

Transactions per Second

ECC P-384

Transactions per Second

Prototypes are shipping now.

Features that Set Us Apart

QFlex HSMs provide the performance and flexibility to be the trust anchor of today and tomorrow.



QFlex HSM will ship in Q2 2019 with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification.

QFlex is also the first HSM to offer truly future-proof quantum resistant technology.


Ensuring Confidence

QFlex features quantum resistant firmware update capabilities using a hybrid LMS/RSA signature ensuring the HSM remains secure into the next generation of cryptography.

A tamper proof enclosure prevents any unwanted modification or probing to determine key secrets. Secure Boot technology ensures that no unauthorized code can be run on QFlex. Be confident that your data remains secure.


Gain unrivaled performance for your most sensitive operations.

Unlimited scalability means data centers can handle millions of cryptographic transactions per second.


Unlimited Capacity

Trusted and proven by some of the largest companies in America today, QFlex truly offers unlimited capacity for the highest demand users. Per unit, QFlex offers 20,000 2K RSA ops/sec and 13,000 ECC-P256 ops/sec.


Future Proof

QFlex is the first HSM to ship with Quantum resistant algorithms built in. Quantum attacks of the future will render existing security algorithms obsolete. QFlex allows customers to keep both their existing and future data safe from these threats.

Ensuring Secrecy

While Quantum computers with significant power to disrupt the market are a few years away, existing data protected with traditional cryptographic means will be vulnerable. Quantum resistant algorithms are the key to ensuring forward secrecy, and many industries are recognizing that they need to shift to these sooner, rather than later. QFlex ships with Leighton-Micali Signature (LMS) support built-in. Internally, QFlex utilizes a hybrid LMS/RSA signature as a quantum resistant firmware update mechanism.



With QFlex, users can load custom hardware cores to meet business requirements. QFlex HSMs contain securely reprogrammable FPGA fabric allowing custom hardware cores to be deployed as needed.


Add New Algorithms

The industrial cryptographic landscape is poised for the first major changes in more than 25 years with the emergence of quantum computing. Though there are many very promising quantum resistant algorithms that have been vetted by the greater cryptographic community and are supported by the QFlex line, no algorithms have yet been standardized. Our administrative ecosystem allows for new algorithms to be added as needed, securely, and with the same benefits of hardware based security and acceleration as the originally provisioned algorithms.



QFlex offers the best value in HSMs on the market today. At 20,000 2K RSA ops/sec, coupled with the lowest cost for any PCIe based HSM available, QFlex has an unrivaled cost per transaction. This allows companies to scale their capacity in ways never possible before.


QFlex offers unlimited, proven scalability for high demand needs. With 20,000 2K RSA ops/sec and 13,000 ECC-P256 ops/sec performance per unit, clusters are capable of handling 10s of millions of transactions per second.

Made in USA

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, QFlex is the top performing US made HSM.




Protecting Sensitive Data

With international security concerns growing, knowing where your hardware was designed and built should be a key concern for organizations. Knowing your most sensitive data is safe is of utmost importance.

See For Yourself

QFlex Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide powerful tamper resistant cryptographic functions needed for truly secure systems.

Find out how our prices, performance, and capability stack up against the competition.

Crypto Agility for the Post Quantum World

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