Prototypes Available Now

Hardware Manufactured in USA

Software Designed in USA

Best Price / Performance in Industry

HW supports Post Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) provide the cryptographic trust anchor needed for truly secure systems. PQFlex HSMs provide the performance and flexibility to be the trust anchor of today and tomorrow.

Envieta is proud to offer the PQFlex line of HSMs that not only provide top of the market performance at a fraction of the price but also quantum resistant algorithm acceleration and key storage. At a lower per transaction cost then our competitors, PQFlex HSMs provide remarkable value for RSA and ECC performance while also supporting the quantum resistant algorithms that are beginning to appear on product roadmaps in industry around the globe


PQFlex offers top of the market speed capable of handling the most demand enterprise security infrastructures needs. Higher performance means less cards, less servers and easier to manage backend infrastructure.

PQFlex PCI-E Card
RSA-2048: 20,000 transactions per second
ECC P-256: 9,000 transactions per second
ECC P-384: 7,000 transactions per second


PQFlex is currently in the process of acquiring FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification. The tamper resistant FIPS certified PQFlex is expected to ship Q2 2019. If your organization needs the cryptographic acceleration and hardware isolation now but doesn’t require a formal FIPS certification, a version of the PQFlex without tamper resistant shielding is currently available for purchase. This version, sold as a Hardware Cryptographic Accelerator, has all of the same great performance and broad algorithm support of the PQFlex HSM.

Future Proof

The industrial cryptographic landscape is poised for the first major changes in more than 25 years with the emergence of quantum computing. Though there are many very promising quantum resistant algorithms that have been vetted by the greater cryptographic community and are supported by the PQFlex line, no algorithms have yet been standardized. The PQFlex HSM line was designed to be resilient in case a new class of algorithms is introduced. PQFlex HSMs contain securely reprogrammable FPGA fabric. Our administrative ecosystem allows for new algorithms to be added as needed, securely, and with the same benefits of hardware based security and acceleration as the originally provisioned algorithms. With QuantumFlex there is no worry of the premature obsolescence that plague other hardware providers.


It is really very simple:
Top of Market Speed / Lower HSM Cost = Lower Cost per Transaction
With PQFlex you can do more for less. Higher performance, broader algorithm support, and custom algorithm support, all at a lower price.

For more information please see the PQFlex HSM datasheet [link]

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